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BioBasics courses create a supportive space for participants to explore their perceptual experience and feel part of an osteopathic family interested in experiencing and palpating the beauty and perfection that Drs Still and Sutherland both wrote about. These BioBasics courses contribute to the eligibility criteria for Biodynamics Phase 1. BioBasics courses are designed to give an introduction to undergraduate students and osteopaths about functional and biodynamic principles and a chance to engage with the foundational principles of Osteopathy. This course provides a unique opportunity for mentoring and an expected table trainer to participant ratio of 1:2. All of the teachers at this course are fully trained in Biodynamics.

Biobasics courses are open to any undergraduate osteopathy student and graduate osteopaths from all backgrounds and who would like to explore traditional osteopathy. No previous skill or training is required. The course provides a rich experience for undergraduates as well as experienced practitioners. 

We are a group of passionate osteopaths who have completed over10 years of the Biodynamic Osteopathy program founded by Dr. James Jealous. We are committed to remaining students on our Osteopathic journey, accompanying others on their journey and pausing to marvel at the majesty of life! We are grateful to receive the support of accredited members of Dr. Jealous' teaching faculty: Robyn Seamer D.O., M.Sc.(Ost.) Manuela Da Rin D.O., M.Sc.(Ost.)

Our 2024 Courses

Course Theme: 

Journey from the Part to the Whole.

A didactic & laboratory exploration into the principles and practice of The Biodynamic Model. 

To book your place please click on the links below - your place will be secured once payment has been received. (Refunds are available in case of course cancellation - administration fee applies)


For 2 day course - Undergraduates $550, Post Graduates $750    

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