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Image by Camille Minouflet

Biobasics VIC

July 26 & 27 2024
Melbourne Seaview Williamstown Event Centre

BioBasics offers a transitional methodology for the Biodynamic approach to Osteopathy in the Cranial Field, as we explore these principles together in both the lecture and practical session formats. The course is designed with a gentle tempo that allows ample time for rest and recreation. We are gratified to have this opportunity to welcome you to become part of an Osteopathic community that is devoted to keeping Traditional Osteopathy alive through exploration, devotion and service. This course provides a unique opportunity for mentoring with its teacher to participant ratio of 1:2. The biobasics team are oriented to the general practice of Osteopathy and are fully trained in Biodynamics.




History Understanding the osteopathic journey


Biobasics 101 looking after yourself as osteopaths

Perception - a local to global osteopathic approach

Trust -  osteopathy and the process


Osteopathic Treatment of medical conditions 


Neutral -  what's your experience

Functional reserve  




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