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  • Kathryn Docking

Understanding the history of Biobasic course?

Updated: Feb 12

Dr Jealous’s vision, with the Biobasic course, was that each Biobasic course was overseen by a members of the Biodynamics faculty, to ensure that the lineage of the original vision continues.

The Biobasic Australia course is supported by Dr Jim Jealous Faculty Robyn Seamer and Manuela De Rin.

Sponsors or the organisers are Emily Shub and Miranda Cox and we are fortunate this time to have lecturers Leon, Dale Wilson, Karen Buckingham, Dave Parker and table tutors Clare Gordon, Nathalie Seebag, Isabel Mettler Shari Trimble, Matt Viola, Matt Moresi. TJ joining us on our Biobasic course exploring journey.

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